August 8, 2023 in New York, NY Leading augmented reality (AR) try-on retailer Zero10 has announced an innovative partnership with JD Sports to provide a cutting-edge digital experience for fashion fans. The “Need It Now Collection,” a recent release by Nike in collaboration with JD Sports, is the main emphasis of this cooperation.

Zero10 is getting ready to roll out its innovative AR Mirrors, which give consumers a realistic virtual changing room to try on any item in the collection. The sophisticated capabilities of this upgraded AR experience allow for the display of deceptively subtle elements like sparkling water droplets on the virtual clothing.

The main events of this in-reality (IRL) cooperation will take place at JD Sport’s renowned Time Square locations in New York and Chicago’s flagship State Street location.

One noteworthy addition to Zero10’s product line is a cutting-edge point-of-sale gadget. Customers now have the ability to make online purchases even when a desired item is momentarily out of stock thanks to this feature. Customers may easily monitor item availability, make orders, or pre-order things by scanning a QR code and completing the transaction on the website. The importance of this solution in tackling a significant difficulty in the fashion business was emphasized by George Yashin, CEO of Zero10.

“This new gadget deftly handles a significant problem in the fashion industry. Now, customers can enjoy the whole experience either in-store or straight from the makers, said Yashin. He highlighted the AR Mirror’s outstanding effects, pointing out its capacity to increase user engagement, lengthen in-store dwell time, and make a lasting impression on customers.

The Nike Need It Now collection’s 18 outfits are all compatible with Zero10’s extensive tool features. Additionally, it gives JD Sports the ability to track conversion rates and evaluate the success of earlier engagement tactics.

The Zero10 AR Mirror runs on a powerful supercomputer’s core and provides flawless 4K resolution for users to see their preferred clothes in 3D. The AR Mirror immerses viewers in a realistic 3D simulation using cutting-edge vision models and 3D body tracking technology, creating a smooth and unforgettable experience.

The strategic relationship that has brought both companies to the top of their respective sectors has culminated in the strategic merger between JD Sports and Zero10. Notably, Rumfoord, a trailblazing metaverse firm, conceptualized the JD Sports X Nike Need It Now effort with the creative participation of six significant female creatives from across the world.

The joint efforts of Zero10 included Coach, which offered a tempting sample of its well-liked Tabby Bag at the New York shop in Soho. Through both in-store AR Mirror interactions and an outdoor AR storefront, our collaboration achieved extraordinary results that enthralled onlookers with lively animated sequences.

The Coach cooperation has produced an outstanding 75,000 try-ons, proving the indisputable engagement potential of Zero10’s technology, even though conversion rates resembled the popular Need It Now campaign.

Zero10 has announced a ground-breaking project that converts the AR Mirror into a transportable version, taking up only two square meters. With the help of this technical development, fascinating partnerships with prestigious companies like Calvin Klein, Crosby Street Studios, and Tommy Hilfiger have been made possible.

In addition to praising the business’s impressive development trajectory, George Yashin cited this innovative collaboration with a sports brand as proof of the seamless integration of sports and fashion.


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