At the CoinDesk Consensus 2023 conference in Austin, Texas, legendary actor William Shatner presented his NFT collection, “Infinite Connections,” in public. Two sets of NFTs make up the collection, which was developed in collaboration with Web3 entertainment provider Orange Comet. The first, “Cosmic Explorer,” pairs Shatner’s 3D avatar with artwork that investigates scientific subjects like quantum physics and sound vibrations. Each NFT also comes with a Captain James T. Kirk physical action figure that Shatner, the actor, has personally hand-signed.

William Shatner predicts where crypto will be when we reach the Star Trek  years (Consensus 2023 Live) - Business NewsThe second collection, “Timeless Voyager,” has 1,000 NFTs of 2D artwork that depicts cosmic themes and futuristic technology. Despite the lack of an action figure, certain owners will have access to a number of exclusive real-life experiences. Shatner said of the compilation, “NFTs are gradually getting more aesthetic. These Orange Comet creations are among the most creative things I’ve ever seen.

The NFT business is changing as a result of Shatner’s NFT release. Celebrity drops of NFTs have remained popular despite the fact that the days of intense fanfare and multimillion-dollar sales are long gone. Last winter, the former president’s NFT line sold out in a single day, prompting a second release in April that similarly saw rapid sales.

Orange Comet collaborated with the actor to bring Shatner’s collection to life because of his intellectual curiosity and readiness to adopt technology. In his speech at the conference, Orange Comet CEO Dave Broome said: “What we’re interested in doing is taking someone like iconic legendary William Shatner and all of the millions and millions of fans that he has, and bringing them over into web3.”

Shatner’s collection includes photos of the actor combined with images of science and technology, such as his head attached to complex equipment mimicking a Halo helmet or strings of light lighting the contours of his face. According to Shatner, the visuals reveal how mathematics, romance, stars, and quantum physics are interconnected and how those ideologies are hidden inside them.


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