Rumble Corp is a video-sharing website headquartered in Canada that has grown in popularity in recent years as a potential alternative to YouTube. Because of its stance on free expression and lack of censorship, the company has garnered a user base that appreciates these ideas. In this article, we will examine Rumble Inc’s business model and financial performance in order to forecast the stock’s potential worth over the next year.

Company Overview

Chris Pavlovski created Rumble Corp in 2013 and is based in Toronto, Canada. The platform was designed to be a video-sharing platform that respects free speech and does not restrict material. The majority of the company’s revenue comes from advertising, with a focus on brand-safe and programmatic ads. Rumble Inc has grown in popularity in recent years, particularly in the United States, where concerns about restriction on other social media platforms have prompted many users to seek alternatives.


Financial Summary

Rumble Inc. has released earnings for the third quarter and nine months ended September 30, 2022. The company reported sales of USD 10.98 million in the third quarter, up from USD 2.07 million the previous year. The net loss was USD 1.86 million, down from USD 2.62 million the previous year. Sales for the first nine months were USD 19.43 million, up from USD 6.53 million the previous year. The net loss was USD 10.46 million, up from USD 2.86 million the previous year.

Rumble’s revenues increased significantly last quarter to $10.9 million, up from $2.1 million the previous year, but even if the company executes flawlessly, it could take a decade to develop into its valuation. Losses nearly match income at $7.78 million and are anticipated to continue indefinitely. While Rumble’s losses are understandable in its early stages, Wall Street may grow tired of paying a hefty premium for profitless expansion. Due to large payments made to talent for content, losses have risen at the same rate as income.

Indeed, the recent completion of the SPAC purchase provides Rumble with $350 million in funds to invest in expanding its operations.

Due to negative earnings over the last 12 months, Rumble Inc does not have a meaningful P/E ratio. Rumble Inc has a profit margin of % on its trailing 12-month revenue of $0.0 million. The most recent year-over-year quarterly sales rise was 423.8%. Experts predict that adjusted earnings per share will be $-0.160 in the current fiscal year. Rumble Inc currently does not pay a dividend.

Rumble Inc Stock Forecast in the short-term

In general, investments work best when there is a clear prospect for stock appreciation. With a $4 billion valuation, it’s tough to establish a fundamental argument for RUM, let alone a case for a higher stock price that would make investing in it currently profitable.

Given that Rumble only went public in September, investors may assume they are getting in on the ground floor. While it is true that Rumble is still in the early stages of developing income-generating potential, the fully diluted stock valuation of $4 billion is completely out of proportion to the company’s nascent business and small revenue base. At the present price of roughly $10, the risk/reward skews negative for buyers.¬†

You can use the information about how Rumble Inc stock is graded to decide whether or not to invest in this company. But, you should base your decision on whether Rumble Inc stock is a buy, sell, or hold based on a combination of grades, metrics, ratios, and SEC reports.

We encourage investors to conduct their own due diligence and research by offering educational programs that educate you how to invest for yourself. You can essentially become a manager of your own fortune in this manner, without having to rely on others for financial freedom.


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