I. What is Lambda?

Lambda (LAMB) coin is a high-speed, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure project. Lambda offers multichannel storage for collaboration and advanced, limitless storage for decentralized applications. All decentralized storage initiatives, in our opinion, adhere to the fundamental condition of To guarantee that data is securely stored in an unprivileged environment, data integrity is maintained. By developing a validator role that operates on the consensus network to completely implement the PDPs, PORs referred to in PoST certificate deployment, and storage science (proof of space and time), Lambda decouples storage from a consistent blockchain-based network.

II. History of Lambda

Lambda (LAMB) is a cryptocurrency and blockchain project that aims to provide decentralized storage infrastructure for data storage and management. Here is a brief history of Lambda:

Foundation and Token Sale (2018): Lambda was founded by Xiaoyang He in 2018. The project conducted an initial coin offering (ICO) in September 2018, raising funds to support the development of its decentralized storage ecosystem.

Mainnet Launch and Development (2019): In December 2019, Lambda launched its mainnet, which marked a significant milestone in the project’s development. The mainnet allowed users to interact with the Lambda blockchain and utilize its storage services.

III. Striking Features of Lambda

Lambda is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure project that can process millions of transactions per second using Sharding technology and provides storage with scalability. Unlimited for DAPPs on distributed cloud databases. Lambda consists of the following components:

  • Lambda Chain, a homogenous multi-chain system that provides high TPS access, full Turing smart contracts, and multi-chain transaction capabilities;
  • Lambda P2P, P2P network system, providing network-level resolution;
  • Lambda DB, a cluster system with multiple databases, providing encrypted data storage with unlimited scalability;
  • Lambda DB’s lower layer structured support system, including a distributed file system and data storage system – Lambda FS;
  • Lambda ABE, an encrypted multi-node attribute-based access system for authentication, which acts as an access control gateway for the database;
  • TPA Lambda Chain (WorkChain3), a data integrity checking organization, consists of many test nodes.
  • Lambda Agent, a self-regulating transducer system that provides in-memory data storage, performance monitoring, security monitoring, and data loading.

IV. Core Technology of Lambda 

Lambda provides a secure, reliable, and infinitely scalable decentralized storage network through an innovative P2P and PoST (Proof of Space-Time) network. Realize safe, high-speed and reliable operation of decentralized data storage, in-chain data validation, data storage transactions, and data security checks on the Lambda Chain consensus network .

Network Incentive and Consensus Mechanism

  • LBFT . Consensus Protocol
  • Dual token economy model
  • New network manager
  • Two-tier incentive mechanism

Storage network

  • Proof of storage LPDP
  • Decentralized storage transactions
  • Data encryption and distribution
  • Data Extraction Consensus

Lambda Ecosystem

Unlike other blockchains, lambda is a blockchain storage infrastructure. The role of this ecosystem is that of DAPP developers and project contributors, chain node participants, storage node participants, and others, where chain node participants include people coordinator subject, validator.

V. What is LAMB?

1. Detailed Information about LAMB

The token for the Lambda decentralized storage network is called Lambda (symbol: LAMB). The Lambda Foundation uses an ICO to issue LAMB.

Lambda (LAMB) is now operating on the Ethereum platform in accordance with the ERC20 standard. However, LAMB will be switched over to operate on Lambda’s own Blockchain infrastructure as soon as Mainnet is finished.

  • Ticker: LAMB
  • Contract: 0x8971f9fd7196e5cee2c1032b50f656855af7dd26
  • Decimal: 18
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Token Type: Utility Token
  • Total supply: 10,000,000,000 LAMB
  • Circulating supply: 1,416,666,665 LAMB

2. LAMB Allocation

With a total supply of 10 billion tokens, LAMB is allocated by the development team at the following rate:

  • 30% is for the Token Sale.
  • 10% is held by the Lambda Team development team.
  • 20% is held by the Lambda Foundation.
  • 40% used as a reward for miners will be Active when the Mainnet is completed.
  • Note: After the LAMB is fully mined (estimated about 20 years), each year LAMB will experience an additional 0.5% inflation.

3. Use Cases of LAMB

LAMB is not currently useful because Lambda has not finished building the Mainnet. However, LAMB will be used for the following things after the Mainnet is complete:

  • Payments :To pay for services in the Lambda ecosystem, users must use LAMB.
  • Transaction Fees: In the Lambda Blockchain network, transaction costs will be paid with LAMB.
  • Rewards: For miners and other contributors who are active in the Lambda network, LAMB is utilized as payment. A fixed quantity of LAMB must also be held by users if they want to become storage providers or Verification nodes. The bare minimum is that.

VI. How to earn & own LAMB?

After over a year of operation, LAMB, which is supported for trade on 17 different large and small exchanges, is ranked 62nd by Coinmarketcap.

With more over 14 million USD exchanged in a single day, LAMB is currently displaying its liquidity quite well. In which Huobi Global accounts for 43.44% of the overall trading volume and is the site where LAMB is most frequently and actively traded.

VII. Which Crypto Wallets are suitable for LAMB?

LAMB is an ERC20 token, so you can store it on Ethereum-enabled wallets such as: Myetherwallet, Mycrypto, Metamask, imtoken, Ledger Nano S, Trust Wallet…

VIII. LAMB Recent Developments

Lambda sold 30% of tokens through 2 rounds of sale including Private Sale and Public Sale with the following details:

Private Sale

On May 5, 2018, Lambda Foundation sold 2.5 billion LAMB (25% of total LAMB supply). Lambda earned about $15 million (1 LAMB = $0.006).

Public Sale

Lamb sold in Public Sale accounts for 5% and is sold in 2 rounds with the following information:

Round 1:

  • Time: September 19, 2018 – September 25, 2018
  • Price: 1 ETH = 30,000 LAMB
  • Bonus: 25%

Round 2:

  • Time: September 25, 2018 – October 2, 2018
  • Price: 1 ETH = 24,000 LAMB
  • Bonus: 0%.

IX. Teams, Funds & Partners of LAMB

1. Team

2. Investment Funds & Partners


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