Discover Venom Network, a Layer 1 Blockchain developed by the Venom Foundation. Explore its features, testnet launch, and how to participate in the airdrop opportunity. Experience super-fast transaction speeds and infinite scalability on this innovative blockchain platform.

What is Venom Network?

Venom Network is a Layer 1 Blockchain developed by the Venom Foundation and is also the first network to be supervised under the authority of ADGM – Abu Dhabi Global Market International Financial Center.

Currently, Venom Network is planning to launch testnet at the end of April 2023 with the aim of becoming a blockchain with super-fast transaction speed and infinite scalability to meet the needs of a growing user community. big.

In Venom’s Tokenomics section for 22% of the community, we can guess that in the future the project is likely to airdrop for you.

Venom Network

Instructions for making a testnet to receive an airdrop opportunity.

Step 1: Create a Venom wallet.

You access the Chrome Store, search for Venom Wallet and add it to Chrome.

Click Create a new wallet to create a wallet.

You save 12 security characters in a safe place and then create a password and you are done with step 1.

Step 2. Faucet Token Testnet.

Access this link to connect and follow Venom Foundation’s Twitter.

Click Claim to claim tokens and complete step 2.

Step 3: Perform tasks to earn NFT

You can also get more testnet tokens by clicking Complete tasks to perform other tasks.

Task 1: Follow Venom foundation

Task 2: Complete the task in Venom wallet

Send venom token to the wallet address given by the task and mint NFT.

Task 3: WEB3.World

First you swap the venom token into any token and Venom, then go back to the task page and click check to claim NFT.

Task 4: Venom Bridge

In this mission, you need to follow Venom Bridge’s Twitter. Then you transfer tokens from Venom testnet chain to Ethereum, BSC or Fantom, most people will choose BSC.

You continue to bridge from BSC back to venom, prepare a little fee at BSC around 0.3-0.5usd.

Then go back and press claim to claim NFT and it’s done.

Task 5: Venom Stake

Go to the web then stake venom, check and mint NFT.

Task 6:

First of all, follow the twitter of Then buy NFT on the Oasis Gallery platform.

After buying NFT, you place an order to sell NFT.

Go back to the homepage and press claim to be done.

Task 7: Venompad

You just need to follow twitter and tweet a post about venompad, then go back to the check page and mint NFT.

After completing the projects, the NFTs will be displayed on the venom testnet page and have a chance to win an airdrop.


Venom Network is an exciting Layer 1 Blockchain project developed by the Venom Foundation. With its upcoming testnet launch, Venom aims to address the growing demands of the blockchain community by offering super-fast transaction speeds and infinite scalability. By following the provided steps, users can participate in the airdrop opportunity and earn testnet tokens, along with the chance to win exclusive NFTs. Venom Network is poised to make a significant impact in the blockchain space, providing a robust and scalable infrastructure for decentralized applications.


  1. What is Venom Network? Venom Network is a Layer 1 Blockchain developed by the Venom Foundation. It aims to provide super-fast transaction speeds and infinite scalability to meet the needs of the growing blockchain community.
  2. How can I participate in the airdrop opportunity? To participate in the airdrop opportunity, follow these steps: a. Create a Venom wallet using the Venom Wallet Chrome extension. b. Visit the provided link to claim testnet tokens through the faucet. c. Complete tasks, such as following Venom Foundation, performing actions in the Venom wallet, utilizing Venom Bridge, staking Venom, buying/selling NFTs on, and engaging with Venompad on Twitter. d. After completing the tasks, NFTs will be displayed on the Venom testnet page, and you’ll have a chance to win an airdrop.
  3. What are the benefits of Venom Network? Venom Network offers super-fast transaction speeds and infinite scalability, making it suitable for decentralized applications that require high throughput and responsiveness. Additionally, participating in the airdrop opportunity allows users to earn testnet tokens and potentially win exclusive NFTs.
  4. When is the testnet launch of Venom Network? The testnet launch of Venom Network is scheduled for the end of April 2023.
  5. What is the Venom Foundation? The Venom Foundation is the organization behind the development and supervision of Venom Network. They are responsible for driving the project’s vision and ensuring its successful implementation as a next-generation blockchain platform.


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