President Joe Biden speaks about his 2024 proposed budget at the Finishing Trades Institute, Thursday, March 9, 2023, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

US President Joe Biden has said that he would not approve a debt limit deal that would benefit cryptocurrency traders in the middle of heated budget discussions. Biden highlighted his displeasure with the parameters put out by Republican leaders during the last day of G7 negotiations held in Japan, calling them “unacceptable.”

“I’m not going to agree to a deal that protects wealth tax cheats and cryptocurrency traders while putting food assistance for nearly 1 million Americans at risk,” Biden reinforced his position.

The supposed safeguards for cryptocurrency traders make reference to the tax-loss harvesting method of tax planning. Selling cryptocurrencies that have lost value is a part of this approach to reduce capital gains taxes on other assets. Profiting from the downward trend in the cryptocurrency market, investors may lower their tax responsibilities by strategically selling assets at a loss.

Biden rolls out budget plan, challenges GOP to follow s... | AccessWDUN.comThe White House and Republican leaders are now in talks on shutting the system for bitcoin transactions, the Washington Post has reported. According to the newspaper, the proposal for cryptocurrencies intends to prohibit investors from declaring a loss on an item they swiftly repurchase, a restriction that currently applies to stocks and other types of assets.

Republican leaders have rejected the idea, despite the White House’s support for addressing the tax-loss harvesting loophole for cryptocurrency and real estate. The US debt increase, according to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, is a “spending problem, not a revenue problem,” and he has previously criticized the Biden administration’s expenditure on pandemic-related expenses.

Republicans are recommending $4.8 trillion in spending cutbacks that would have an effect on the budgets of government agencies in an effort to reduce the deficit. Concerns about a probable debt default are raised by the disagreement between President Biden and congressional Republicans over increasing the $31.4 trillion borrowing ceiling.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has issued warnings that if Congress does not take action, the Treasury might run out of room to remain below the debt limit as early as June 1. Stablecoin issuer Circle has rebalanced its Treasury holdings as the prospect of a US government default grows. The second-largest stablecoin in circulation, Circle, has chosen to mix its reserves with a preference for recent US Treasury securities. This action coincides with a contentious debate over the US debt limit among financial experts.

Biden rolls out budget plan, challenges GOP to follow suit – Twin CitiesThe continuing budget discussions have become more complicated as a result of the standoff between President Biden and Republican leaders over the debt limit and its ramifications for cryptocurrency dealers. The result of these discussions will have a big impact on the bitcoin market as well as the US economy.


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