Ukrainian farmer

A Ukrainian farmer has devised a creative solution to deal with the landmines left in his fields following Russia’s invasion. Oleksandr Kryvtsov, a general manager at an agricultural company, outfitted his tractor with protective panels taken from damaged Russian tanks, making it blast-resistant.

Using a remote control system, his team can operate the tractor from a nearby digger’s bucket, enabling them to safely sow crops in fields like those near the village of Hrakove, where landmines remain a significant danger.

Kryvtsov explained, “We started doing this just because the crop-sowing time has come and we can’t do anything because the rescue services are very busy.” Although one anti-tank mine exploded while they were working, the tractor’s armor successfully protected it and its operators. Kryvtsov repaired the damage and got back to work.

According to Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, around 30% of Ukrainian territory remains mined by Russians, and the government is focusing on de-mining agricultural land as soon as possible.

However, the task is vast, and it would take years to clear every mine by hand. Fortunately, Kryvtsov’s innovative solution is helping farmers to work safely in affected areas.


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