ukraine grain harvest

Ukraine’s agricultural scientists have expressed concerns over the potential impact of ongoing dry and hot weather on the country’s winter grain crops. If these weather conditions persist, grain yields may decrease by up to 20%, according to the insights provided by APK-Inform consultancy on Monday.

Ukraine, renowned as a significant grain producer and exporter, has witnessed a substantial decline in production since Russia’s invasion of the country in February of the previous year.

The grain output plummeted to approximately 53 million tonnes in 2022, a significant drop from the record high of 86 million tonnes achieved in 2021. The government anticipates a further decrease in the harvest to around 44.5 million tonnes in 2023.

The Ukrainian winter grain harvest is predominantly comprised of winter wheat, which contributes to 95% of the nation’s total wheat production.

In a recent report, Ukraine’s national academy of agricultural science acknowledged that the weather conditions during most of the spring period were favorable for the growth and development of winter cereal crops.

However, the report cautioned that if dry weather persists during the crucial grain-filling phase, particularly in conjunction with high air temperatures, the potential loss in yield could range from 15% to 20%. Although the report did not provide an exact harvest forecast, it emphasized that crops sown late were at higher risk.

Ukraine’s agriculture minister, speaking to Reuters on Friday, mentioned that the ministry projected the 2023 winter grain crop to be around 18 million tonnes, indicating a 20% decline compared to the previous year’s yield.


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