Ukraine Commences 2023 Grain Harvest

Farmers in Odesa, the southern region of Ukraine, have initiated the grain harvest for 2023 by threshing the initial winter barley, as confirmed by local officials.

Ukraine, renowned as a significant global grain producer and exporter, is anticipated to experience a decline in this year’s yield due to Russia’s invasion, resulting in an estimated output of approximately 45 million tonnes. This is a decrease from the 53 million tonnes achieved in 2022.

According to the agriculture ministry, Ukraine’s spring sowing for 2023 was nearly completed across an expansive area of approximately 13 million hectares.

As of June 16, the total sown area encompasses diverse crops, including 271,100 hectares of spring wheat, 810,000 hectares of barley, 138,500 hectares of peas, 146,200 hectares of oats, 4 million hectares of corn, and other various commodities.


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