The two most popular trading platforms in the FX/CFDs sector are MT4 and MT5. The two apps were removed by Apple in September.

After being removed from the AppStore for almost six months, technology giant Apple has relisted two MetaQuotes programs, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, there. The two trading platforms will once more be available for iOS customers to download from the AppStore, and current MT4 and MT5 users will get software updates as a result.

Apple Relisted MT4 and MT5 Apps

The relisting was disclosed by the software company MetaQuotes, based in Cyprus, on Monday. It was made clear in the announcement that the lengthy relisting procedure was required since Apple required additional explanations on operating details and other necessary insights.

“We are happy that the situation has been resolved, and we managed to find an understanding with Apple,” said the CEO of MetaQuotes, Renat Fatkhullin.¬†

“Our company respects the requirements of any marketplace and always strives to meet them. We feel responsible to our users, and, therefore, we did our best to provide clarifications on the issues raised from Apple in a timely manner. I also want to thank the traders, brokers, and media, who actively showed their support,” he added.

An Unexpected Delisting

In retail forex and contracts for differences (CFDs) trading, MT4 and MT5 are the top third-party trading platforms. At the end of Q2 2022, it accounted for around 83,8 percent of the market share for trading platforms, according to Finance Magnates Intelligence.

In September of last year, Apple suddenly removed the two trading apps from its AppStore without giving a reason. According to industry sources, the technology giant was worried about how MT4 and MT5 apps were being used by fraudsters with offshore bases.

Likewise, MetaQuotes appears concerned about the increase in fraudulent activity on its apps. The corporation made a significant shift to its policy and stopped processing white-label solutions for offshore brokers providing services from countries with lax regulations.

Trading in Mac

Additionally, the company was forced to concentrate on its web-based mobile platform as a result of the AppStore delisting. It introduced the new MT5 web terminal in November of last year, emphasizing that “there is no need to download a mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.”

While this was going on, MetaQuotes’ loss helped its rivals. Following the interim restriction on two MetaTrader apps, a number of other trading platform providers increased their promotion, and some even reported an increase in sales.

A messaging app containing financial news and trading analytics recommendations was just released by MetaQuotes. It is accessible on both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s AppStore and offers the services via MQL5 Channels.

In addition to the two trading platforms and the new messaging app, MetaQuotes also has a “Tradays Forex Calendar” listed on the App Store. It has five apps on Google Play, including all the ones available to iOS users and Dollar Colombia, which displays the current USD/COP exchange rate together with historical price information.


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