Cryptocurrency is one of the most trending investments that are becoming wide-spreaded quickly. Nowadays cryptocurrency is absolutely everywhere on social media, the newspapers or even on televisions.

But still, many people are still wondering about the concept of a cryptocurrency. There are many ways to get to know more about the crypto currency market and one way is to approach crypto influencers where they can tell you how everythings works but also be very entertaining.

Vitalik Buterin

On the top of the list is no one else except the co-founder of Ethereum himself-Vitalik Buterin. Vitalik has over 4 million followers on Twitter, giving insights about blockchain and crypto. Vitalik is one of the youngest crypto-billionaires and contributes to the Bitcoin Magazine where he’s also the co-founder.

Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano Twitter account is currently holding more than 1.6 million followers and his YouTube account is holding approximately 400 thousand subscribers. Anthony is an experienced Bitcoin investor who offers daily tech and finance updates, he also record podcast about crypto called the “Pomp Podcast”

Roger Ver

Roger Ver is also known as the “Bitcoin Jesus”, he was one of the first people who got in touch and invested in Bitcoin from the very first days since 2011. He was also among the first entrepreneurs to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Currently he is the CEO of and his Twitter account is holding over 750 thousand followers.

Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong is a podcaster and also the founder of who is very popular on Youtube. Ben’s YouTube channel where he inform his followers on everything about crypto and Ethereum is having over 1.45 million subscribers 

Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee- the founder of LiteCoin is considered one of the leaders in the field. Charlie Lee have over 1 million followers on his Twitter account where he share news about Litecoin and general crypto news, sometimes even memes

Ivan on tech

Ivan on tech real name is Ivan Liljeqvist do tutorial and analysis videos on his YouTube channel where he’s currently having nearly 500 thousand subscribers and also nearly 400 thousand followers on Twitter

Brian Jung

Brian Jung is considered one of the most popular crypto influencers as his YouTube account holds over 1 million subscribers and more than 40 million views. Other than being an investor and an entrepreneur Brian also makes videos sharing crypto insights and gives financial advice to help people.

Tim Draper

Founder of Draper Fisher Juvetson and Draper University-Tim Draper is a venture capitalist. First Draper invested in the leading companies like Skype, Twitter, Tesla and more but until today he is a supporter of Bitcoin and was considered an expert in the field. He is currently holding over 200 thousand followers on Twitter where he shares crypto insights and more.

Erik Voorhees

Lastly we have Etik Voorhees- CEO and founder of a leading crypto exchange called Shapeshift, also the co-founder of Bitcoin wallet, Coinapult. Erik have more than 600 thousand followers on Twitter where he give his fascinating insights about Bitcoin and crypto in general


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