Top 8 World’s Top Crypto Mining Countries


How can we measure a Country’s mining power?

Crypto Mining Countries

The hash rate is used to measure the performance of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining (or hash power).

A hash rate is a measurement of how much processing power a network uses per second to mine and process transactions. (For example, 1TH/s is a trillion measurements every second.) Increased hash rates often result in higher revenues for cryptocurrency miners.

Top 8 countries that has most mining powers

  1. United States: 35.4%
  2. Kazakhstan: 18.1%
  3. Russia: 11.23%
  4. Canada: 9.55%
  5. Ireland: 4.68%
  6. Malaysia: 4.58%
  7. Germany: 4.48%
  8. Iran: 3.1%

Disadvantages of mining too much crypto

Clearly, maintaining these mines requires a tremendous amount of energy. What occurs if access to this essential resource is restricted?

Kazakhstan, a country in central Asia, started to have issues with this. It was the second-largest mining region in the world up to August 2021. An energy crisis in the beginning of 2022, however, might put an end to the project.

The Kazakh government’s top objective is no longer to lure crypto investors away from China due to the energy crisis. Mining is no longer possible since the government now levies the energy used by bitcoin miners.

The impact on the environment is the additional, more significant problem of using large amounts of energy. According to Digiconomist’s estimate of the energy required to perform one Bitcoin transaction as of April 2022, this equates to little over 75 days of electricity for the typical US family.

Continuing with the Kazakh example, coal burning provided a significant portion of the energy required for mining. All of this energy is frequently produced using non-renewable resources, which is a significant issue given the market’s continued expansion.


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