TipRanks, the industry’s premier platform for monitoring and evaluating the recommendations made by financial analysts, has identified the top 10 Wall Street analysts working in the consumer goods sector. These analysts have shown remarkable stock-picking talents and have routinely produced big returns for their clients as a result of the investment suggestions they have provided.

TipRanks reveals the top Wall Street analysts in consumer goodsTipRanks identified the experts in the consumer goods industry that have a high success rate by using its Experts Center tool. The company then reviewed the stock recommendations that these professionals have made over the last ten years. The rankings put an emphasis on the analysts’ capacity to generate profits for their clients via the financial advice they provide. A number of different aspects, including the statistical significance of each rating, the overall success rate of the experts, and the average return, were taken into consideration. Over the course of one year, the effectiveness of each rating was measured and analyzed.


John Baugh from Stifel Nicolaus is now in first place on this ranking because to his remarkable total success rate of 63%. The most noteworthy recommendation that Baugh gave was for the stock of RH (NYSE:RH), which is a well-known luxury home furnishings store. His recommendation to purchase RH stock resulted in an impressive return of 493.8% between the 31st of March 2020 and the 31st of March 2021.


Paul Quinn from RBC is in the second spot and claims a success rate of 58% for his business. Interfor (TSE:IFP), a Canadian firm that provides customers with an extensive selection of timber products, comes highly recommended by Quinn. Quinn was able to achieve a profit of 440.2% thanks to his buy suggestion on Interfor shares beginning on May 8, 2020 and continuing through May 8, 2021.


With a success record of 69%, Citi analyst Anthony Pettinari takes the third slot on the list. Lennar (NYSE:LEN), an industry-leading house building firm, was the subject of Pettinari’s top investment suggestion. The return on investment on his buy call on LEN between April 15, 2020 and April 15, 2021 was 161.2%.

The Top Wall Street Firms Beating the S&P 500 in 2022 - TipRanks.comSam Poser from Williams Trading, Martin Landry from Stifel Nicolaus, Toshiya Hari from Goldman Sachs, Chip Moore from EF Hutton, Michael Swartz from Truist Financial, Nik Modi from RBC, and Mark Astrachan from Stifel Nicolaus are some of the other famous analysts on the list. Each analyst demonstrated their knowledge in a particular consumer goods company and earned remarkable gains as a result of their precisely timed advice to purchase the stock.

Investors who are searching for direction in the consumer goods sector may want to consider following the ratings of these top experts in order to make investing choices that are more informed. The rankings are a useful resource for locating people who have a demonstrated history of accomplishments in their field. TipRanks intends to provide further rankings, which will provide investors with more insights and views for developing their investment strategies. These rankings will include the best analysts working in the service industry during the previous ten years.



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