The well-known short-form video app TikTok is extending its music-related offerings with the introduction of its paid music streaming service in Australia, Mexico, and Singapore. A restricted set of test customers were given access to the new service, called TikTok Music, on Wednesday. Earlier in the month, TikTok Music had already been introduced in Brazil and Indonesia.

TikTok expands its music streaming service test to Australia, Mexico and  Singapore | EngadgetUsers in the aforementioned nations will be given a free three-month trial to try out and assess the features of the music streaming service as part of the closed beta test. With 62.4 million active users who are 18 years of age and older, Mexico is the fourth-largest market for TikTok behind the US, Indonesia, and Brazil.

TikTok’s strategic entry into the music streaming industry is intended to broaden its product line and spur development outside of the United States, where it now has its biggest market. In order to further strengthen its position in the area, the corporation has pledged to spend “billions of dollars” in Southeast Asia during the next years.

By fusing the strength of music discovery inside the TikTok app with a sizable music streaming library, comprising millions of songs from hundreds of artists, TikTok Music offers customers a unique experience. Users may quickly connect their TikTok accounts to the music streaming service, allowing them to listen to, share, and download the music they find on TikTok. Users may also share their favorite songs and musicians with the TikTok community.

TikTok Goes After Spotify As It Tests Music Streaming in 3 New MarketsBut in these regions, TikTok Music confronts fierce rivalry, particularly from market leaders like Spotify and Apple Music. For example, in Mexico, over 80% of music subscriptions are held by Spotify, underscoring the formidable obstacle TikTok Music may face as it attempts to gain headway in these cutthroat markets.

In addition to announcing an extended license arrangement with Warner Music Group on Tuesday, the firm marked the debut of TikTok Music as part of its expanding efforts in the music streaming sector. In addition, after the launch of TikTok Music, TikTok owner ByteDance plans to end its music-streaming service Resso in Indonesia and Brazil as part of its consolidation strategy. Users of Resso will have the option to move their accounts over to TikTok Music.

The platform’s dedication to extending its offerings and attracting new and enthusiastic users reflected in TikTok’s entry into the music streaming sector. TikTok is prepared to capitalize on its popularity and community-driven strategy to build a name for itself in the music business as the landscape of music streaming continues to change.


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