Thornton’s Gas Prices, like other gas prices, are affected by worldwide oil market movements. Thornton’s is a gas station company that predominantly operates in the Midwest and Southeast of the United States. Their pricing are competitive with those of other gas stations in the areas in which they operate.

Global oil prices, supply and demand, and seasonal changes in demand are all factors that might affect gas prices. Regional taxes and regulations can have an impact on Thornton’s gas prices.

It is vital to know that petrol prices can fluctuate rapidly, possibly many times each day. Natural disasters, political unrest in oil-producing countries, and global economic trends can all have a large impact on gas prices.

What is the price of Thorntons gas?

Thorntons is a convenience store and gas station chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Thorntons has 191 stores in six states: Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.


One intriguing tidbit is that BP purchased Thorntons in August 2021. However, BP indicated that the Thorntons would be retained and would become a sister brand to another BP-owned convenience shop.

Customers like Thorntons because they like the meal options and the competitive gas prices. True, Thorntons has reasonable fuel costs at several of their sites.

Thorntons Gas Pricing Comparison

In this section, we’ll use to visit a few Thorntons locations to learn about their prices and how they compare to competitors in the region.

Thorntons offers a per-gallon pricing of $3.48 for regular and $4.08 for premium in Springboro, OH. When it comes to the top ten cheapest gas prices in the area, Thorntons is tied with three other firms, including Kroger, Speedway, and United Dairy Farmers.

Thorntons is also competitive in Bradenton, FL, with a regular price of $3.99 and a premium price of $4.59. Thorntons has one of the lowest gas prices in Bradenton, with just Costco and Walmart offering lower prices at $3.85 and $3.95, respectively.

In Joliet, IL, Thorntons charges $3.95 per gallon for regular and $5.29 for premium. Sam’s Club has the lowest price in Joliet at $3.92 a gallon, followed by Murphy Express at $3.92. Thorntons has once again managed to slip into the top ten cheapest gas prices in Joliet, with a price that is quite near to the lowest.

Finally, we travel to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where Thorntons has a per-gallon pricing of $3.68 for normal and $4.35 for premium. Thorntons has once again made the top ten lowest prices in Murfreesboro. 

Walmart comes in second at $3.62, followed by Murphy USA, Costco, and Sam’s Club at $3.63.

Is Thorntons Gas of High Quality?

Thorntons is not a high-end gas brand. Top Tier use higher levels of additives and detergents than the government’s minimum requirements, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient engine.

Thorntons takes pride in the quality of their fuel, despite the fact that it is not Top Tier. Thorntons standard gas complies with the government’s stringent fuel additive and detergent guidelines. Thorntons will be unable to open its doors to customers otherwise.

Thorntons also provides special mixes like Unleaded 15 and E85.

  • E85 gasoline is suggested for Flex Fuel Vehicles made after 2008 and for GM vehicles manufactured after 2006. It’s a gasoline-ethanol blend with up to 85% ethanol content. Because ethanol is biodegradable and non-toxic, Thorntons claims that E85 contains fewer pollutants than regular unleaded.
  • Customers can fill up on Unleaded 88, sometimes known as Unleaded 15, which has an 88 octane rating, at select Thorntons locations. Unleaded 88 contains 15% and is the most tested fuel on the market, according to the EPA, and is recommended for model year 2001 or newer automobiles, trucks, and SUVs.

How to Save Money on Petrol in Thorntons Using a Fuel Rewards Program

Refreshing Rewards is Thorntons’ rewards program. To participate in the free program, register online or download the Refreshing Rewards app. You’ll gain access to unique deals, offers, contests, store discounts, and gasoline savings as a member.

The Thorntons fuel savings program is unique in that discounts are distributed to members at random, with a random quantity of discounts. When you initially sign up for Refreshing Rewards, you’ll receive a 15-cent discount on your first fill-up. It’s not much, but most folks will take anything. 

As a result, it’s vital to stay alert and constantly check the app for flash bargains that you may take advantage of.

If you can get flash fuel discounts through the app, Thorntons is a terrific and economical spot to acquire your gas. Also, Thorntons gas rates are already competitive, so that’s a huge bonus for customers.

Thornton’s Gas Prices in Relation to the Nationwide Average:

The national average for regular gasoline prices in 2021, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), was $2.17 per gallon. Throughout the year, Thornton’s Gas Costs were frequently in line with or slightly below the national average.

For example, the national average for regular gasoline in August 2021 was $3.13 per gallon, although Thornton’s Gas Prices in Illinois ranged from $2.99 to $3.05 per gallon. Similarly, the national average for regular gasoline in September 2021 was $3.17 per gallon, while Thornton’s Gas Prices in Ohio ranged from $2.95 to $3.01 per gallon.

It is crucial to know that gas costs vary greatly depending on location and season. While Thornton’s Gas Costs in certain areas may be in line with the national average, they may be higher or cheaper in others.


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