What is OpenChat?

OpenChat is a decentralized messaging client built on top of ICP that functions the same way as existing messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal. The main difference is that OpenChat runs entirely on the Internet Computer blockchain.

Because of its architecture, OpenChat will be able to grow to millions of users while still being accessible to regular users at no cost.


Users may transfer ICP tokens using OpenChat, which is a unique feature that demonstrates how SocialFi is taking shape and has promise inside the ICP ecosystem.

You now have the chance to look for OpenChat’s Airdrop as the project has also stated that there will be an Airdrop for platform users.

Guide to experience OpenChat

Step 1: Login to Openchat

Retroactive OpenChat

Step 2: Edit Profile and interact on the platform

  • Choose the 3 dashes as shown in the picture → Select Profile Setting and edit your avatar, name, ….

  • To interact on the platform, you choose Join to enter groups and interact with messages on the joined groups.

  • In addition, you can create your own group for messaging by selecting New Group, then filling in the Group’s information and selecting Create.

Note: To increase your chances of receiving an Airdrop, you should interact on the platform as much as possible!


OpenChat is a promising decentralized messaging platform built on ICP that offers a unique feature of transferring ICP tokens. With the platform’s architecture, OpenChat has the potential to grow to millions of users while still being accessible to regular users at no cost. By following this step-by-step guide, you can experience OpenChat and even increase your chances of receiving an Airdrop by interacting on the platform. The future of SocialFi within the ICP ecosystem looks bright with projects like OpenChat leading the way.


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