In previous posts, Waytrade showed you the first step on how to hunt for Airdrops on the ICP ecosystem with the first project being OpenChat. In this part, let’s hunt retroactive 1 potential project on another ICP ecosystem, DSCVR!

What is DSCVR?

DSCVR (pronounced discover – means discover) is a decentralized social networking platform built on ICP.

Similar to Reddit but DSCVR is a decentralized platform built on blockchain. DSCVR places governance in the community which means users control not only the content but also the platform itself. This will make the user experience on the platform open and transparent.

Retroactive DSCVR

Guide to experience DSCVR

Step 1: Log in to DSCVR with Internet Identity

  • Go to and select Sign up
  • Choose to log in with Internet Identity, enter the PIN code created in the previous post

  • Enter username and email

Step 2: Experience the platform

  • This is the interface of DSCVR after successful registration.

  • To post your article, choose Create a post
  • Select the Portal you want to post (can be DSCVR, Airdrop, Crypto, …)
  • Enter the title and content you want to post
  • Select Post

In addition, you can create your own Portal with the condition that you have enough 500 Points.

Note: To increase your chances of receiving an Airdrop, you should interact on the platform as much as possible!


DSCVR is a decentralized social platform built on ICP that offers a unique user experience through community governance. By logging in with Internet Identity, users can explore the platform, create posts, and even create their own portals. Interacting on the platform can increase the chances of receiving potential airdrops. As Web 3 continues to evolve, DSCVR offers a glimpse into the future of decentralized social networking.


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