The CEO of Ralph Lauren, Patrice Louvet, was upbeat about the company’s future course during a Thursday interview with Jim Cramer of CNBC. Louvet expressed confidence in the brand’s core customer base even if Ralph Lauren’s fiscal first-quarter results report didn’t lead to an upward adjustment of its full-year projection.

Although Refinitiv estimates for the luxury fashion brand’s sales were surpassed with $1.5 billion, above the consensus forecast of $1.48 billion, the lack of an upward revision to the full-year projection caused a roughly 5% decline in the company’s shares on Thursday.

Louvet underlined the value of looking at things from a bigger picture than just one quarter’s results. He recognized the present market turbulence and unpredictability in all its forms. But he emphasized the tenacity of Ralph Lauren’s main customer base, which he described as a more affluent consumer group.

Louvet observed that consumer tastes are shifting away from Covid-era fashions and toward a more sophisticated “sophisticated casual” look. He emphasized Ralph Lauren’s advantageous position in this shift because of its standing as a provider of commodities like chinos, dresses, oxford shirts, and similar apparel.

Louvet also stressed the strategic importance of high exposure and brand recognition for the company. He mentioned well-known stars including Jennifer Lopez, BeyoncĂ©, Ariana Grande, David Beckham, and Jill Biden who have worn Ralph Lauren’s apparel.

Louvet emphasized the significance of “desirability” as the primary operational idea in the framework of the industry. He emphasized the need of generating customer demand as a key element in the fashion industry.

Patrice Louvet, CEO of Ralph Lauren, is upbeat about the brand’s future despite the lack of an immediate upward revision to its full-year estimate. Based on the company’s robust core customer base, capacity to adapt to changing fashion trends, and strategic focus on desirability and brand exposure, he expects sustained success.


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