During Microsoft’s federal court case surrounding its impending purchase of Activision Blizzard, a letter detailing the company’s ambitious intentions to quadruple sales to $500 billion by the 2030 fiscal year was made available to the public. This memo was released by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Nadella announced Microsoft’s objective to achieve yearly revenue growth of at least 10% in the 15-page message and the accompanying 21-page paper. In contrast to Microsoft’s custom, this prognosis includes long-term financial projections. Only the current fiscal quarter’s projection was given during the most recent earnings call for the firm.

Microsoft's Satya Nadella said the company's goal is to reach $500 billion  in sales by 2030, court filings reveal | The Financial Express
In order to meet the company’s challenging 2030 goal, Nadella expressed confidence in Microsoft’s growth-oriented and consistent approach, which is in line with the organization’s lasting purpose and culture. In addition, he provided a projection for shareholder returns that emphasized dividends and share buybacks.

In accordance with the paper dated June 7, 2022, Nadella expected to provide stockholders with yearly returns of above 10% within the time period given. He announced a “20/20” objective, which calls for attaining 20% yearly revenue growth and 20% yearly operating income increase for the fiscal year 2022 and succeeding years. Microsoft increased its top line by 18% in 2022, hitting $198.27 billion in sales, while its operating income increased by 19%.

In his message, Nadella emphasized the importance of the Microsoft Cloud, a broad range of products geared at business customers, as the primary growth engine. This comprises the Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud rival Azure public cloud as well as numerous Microsoft 365 productivity applications and LinkedIn parts.

Satya Nadella's memo to Microsoft staff says 10,000 job cuts to be made by  March: Details | Companies News, Times NowNadella stressed that Microsoft Cloud is anticipated to be the main growth engine, even if he used the phrase “Microsoft Plus” to represent consumer-focused goods. In order to strengthen its advantage over Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and close the gap with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the firm seeks to maintain growth above the market rate.

The FTC is attempting to stop Microsoft’s planned $68.7 billion purchase of game developer Activision when the news of its revenue objective is announced. The purchase is seen as a tactical move to boost Microsoft’s position in the video game market and increase its portfolio of well-known properties.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Says Company "Nearly Doubling Its Salary  Budget": ReportMicrosoft’s desire to provide long-term value to shareholders and confidence in its changing strategy are shown by its goal to achieve significant revenue growth by 2030. The result of the court case will affect not just the purchase of Activision Blizzard but also Microsoft’s path toward its lofty revenue goal as the hearing goes on.


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