Margot Robbie, the main actress in the smash movie “Barbie,” recently gave a lighthearted opinion on cryptocurrencies, notably Bitcoin, in an interview with Fandango. The bitcoin conversations of two of the film’s male producers, David Heyman and Tom Acklerley, who also happens to be Robbie’s husband, amused Robbie and director Greta Gerwig.

Robbie and Gerwig jokingly linked the debates to stereotypically masculine actions shown by the character “Ken” in the movie by referring to their discussions as “such Kens.” On social media, the name “Ken” has gained popularity, signifying hilariously egotistical, confident, or patriarchal tendencies.

Margot Robbie's Barbie Pitch Meetings: Film Could Gross Billion Dollars - VarietyInteresting enough, Robbie’s statement was met with laughter by MicroStrategy’s executive chairman, Michael Saylor. Saylor mockingly embraced the link to the humorous ridicule in a tweet that included a video of the interview and the remark, “Bitcoin is Big Ken Energy.”

Robbie may have found Bitcoin conversations amusing, but Mattel, the corporation that owns “Barbie,” has shown a strong interest in blockchain technology as a possible source of money for its products. Barbie has been updated by Mattel in an effort to keep up with current trends.

Prior to this, Mattel entered the NFT market by teaming with the female-led crypto media company Boss Beauties to release themed NFTs based on the Barbie character. The goal of the Barbie film was to encourage women and collectors to learn more about Web3 by purchasing blockchain-powered toys.

In addition to NFTs, Mattel has entered the world of blockchain technology by establishing a market place on the Flow blockchain. With the use of this portal, consumers may easily exchange Mattel NFTs for bitcoin. The dedication of Mattel to blockchain technology reveals its aspirational goals to secure a position in the rapidly changing digital industry.

The shocking secret behind Margot Robbie's nude scenes in the Wolf of Wall Street with DiCaprio | MarcaMargot Robbie’s lighthearted comments on Bitcoin and its connection to “Big Ken Energy” give a humorous twist to the current cryptocurrency discussion as “Barbie” maintains its hold on international viewers. The partnership between the film and the blockchain and NFT markets is another example of how entertainment and decentralized technology are becoming convergent, ushering in an exciting period of innovation and creativity in the sector.


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