How to buy stock online: 6 steps for beginners


Here’s how to buy stocks from online trading platforms or trading apps.

First you will need a securities account on a certain stock exchange, which will take some time to confirm your identity. Then the rest to do is transfer the money and start trading the shares you want.

Step 1: Select an online trading platform.

The fastest way to buy and sell securities is through online stock exchanges. After successful account opening and authentication, you can trade in just a few minutes. Along with that is using the services of the stock exchange and buying shares directly from other companies.

How to buy stock

Opening an online account is as simple as setting up a bank account: After completing the account registration, providing sufficient proof of identity, then choose the bank deposit method or go directly to the transaction facilities to send money, even if it can be sent by secure mail.

Step 2: Research on the stocks you want to buy

After you’ve completely set up your brokerage account, it’s time to choose stocks to invest in. The best place to start is to research companies or stocks from your own experience as a consumer.

It is necessary to know how to sift through information from huge piles of data when you start your research. Let’s start with the criteria that you are looking for a company that you want to own shares in.

Once you’ve identified the company you want to start from, it’s time to take concrete research steps. Once you’ve identified the company you want to start from, it’s time to take concrete research steps. A simple start could be that through the company’s annual reports, shareholders who own large stakes will often receive annual letters about management meetings to shareholders, which will now provide information about what is happening in the business and what is happening in the company. their upcoming project.

For further analysis, we will need to use professional analysis tools. Most online trading sites will have certain tools for investors to analyze directly on their site. They may also offer workshops or how-to materials on how to use these tools. Besides, there are also long-term investors who also share their experiences throughout the online forums.

Step 3: Decide how many shares you want to buy

To get started you need to plan how many shares you plan to buy and how much of your initial capital you can invest. It is necessary to consider carefully before starting to invest in a certain stock code, do not put it all into the same code because then you are more likely to lose than if you spread it evenly to other more promising stocks. 

You can start with websites that allow test trading with playing money to become more familiar with the trading market. If you want to always start with real money, you should start with small amounts on small stocks to be able to withstand the losses when those tokens go down.

Some exchanges now have certain incentives for investors so that they can participate and invest as well as own a small share in the large stocks in the market. Some exchanges also have currency-to-stock systems in place to suggest to users what amounts of their initial capital they can own.

Step 4: Choose your stock order type

Market orders: A buy order at the time of the lowest or highest selling price available in the market at a continuous execution session.

Limit orders: Order to buy/sell stocks at a specified price or higher.

ATO command: Orders to buy/sell securities at the opening price and are usually prioritized before limit orders during order matching.

Pending orders (conditional orders): It is a limit order but is maintained for a period of time until it is executed or the time is up, the client chooses to place the order but has not yet executed it.

ATC order: Place a security buy/sell at the closing price.

After-hours execution (PLO): Buy/sell securities at the closing price at the end of the closing periodic order execution session.

Step 5: Practice with a Demo Account

At reputable stock trading platforms today, new customers are allowed to play with demo accounts before depositing real money. You should make the most of this opportunity to help save a significant amount of capital and have the opportunity to experience whether this US stock exchange is reliable or not.

Step 6: Practice supplementing knowledge

In the process of buying and selling stocks, investors should take the time to practice and add new knowledge. This is a very attractive form of profitable investment in the current period, but in order to bring a stable source of income as desired by individuals, it is extremely important to draw experience in the stock market.


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