How to buy Amazon stock (AMZN)


In this article, we will show you how to purchase Amazon stock. Inc. (AMZN) has developed from a small bookshop in Jeff Bezos’ garage to the world’s largest e-commerce company, complete with web services and advertising business verticals. AMZN has over 200 million Prime members globally, and its revenue for the first quarter of 2022 was $117 billion.

Amazon’s share price has increased about 125% in the last five years—and this is after the 2022 stock market slump. AMZN shares have risen more than 250% in five years at the time of the stock’s previous all-time high in November 2021. That’s why this is one of the best stock company to invest in in 2023.

Open a brokerage account

To purchase Amazon stock, you must first open an account with an online trading platform. Most brokerages now offer fee-free stock trading, but keep a watch out for any costs and account minimums.

buy Amazon stock

You should also consider your investment objectives when deciding on the type of account you want.

Choose an individual retirement account if you want to save for retirement (IRA). It allows you to escape capital gains taxes in return for restrictions on how and when the funds can be used. Withdrawals made for other purposes or at different dates may be subject to taxes or penalties.

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Decide on an Investment Budget

Before you begin investing in Amazon, be sure you have all of your bases covered. This includes having enough money to pay your bills, create an emergency reserve, and prepare for retirement. Once criteria are met, invest any remaining funds in Amazon shares and other investments.

People typically invest in one of two ways: as a single sum purchase or in smaller, more consistent amounts over time. This latter strategy, known as dollar cost averaging, may help you pay less per share over time on average. 

It puts your money to work and grows in the stock market as soon as feasible, rather than forcing you to wait while you accumulate a certain amount.

Research your Investment

Before you acquire Amazon stock, do some research to ensure that you’re comfortable with the company’s direction and performance. Amazon, as a publicly traded corporation, is required to file financial information with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States.

Place an order

The bid-ask spread — the difference between the price buyers are willing to pay and the price sellers are willing to take — determines the price of a stock. The bid-ask spread changes during the trading day, but don’t be too focused on finding the best price to the penny – more on that below.

When you’re ready to purchase the stock, go to your online broker’s website or trading platform. You’ll be prompted to select an order type, which controls when and how your Amazon stock purchase order is performed.

Most brokers have a variety of order types, but you’ll be OK if you stick to two: a market order and a limit order.

  • A market order buys or sells shares of a stock at its current price on the market.
  • A limit order only buys or sells shares if the stock reaches a specific price that you set.

Regularly review your investment’s performance

Whether you invest in one firm or hundreds, it’s a good idea to examine the success of your investments on a regular basis, whether that’s monthly, quarterly, or annually. This allows you to monitor your account’s performance and determine whether any changes are required.


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