Due to pre-sale demand, delivery timelines for the highly anticipated Magic V2 foldable phone from Chinese smartphone maker Honor have been extended to mid-September. Behind the 7,799-yuan Apple iPhone 14 Pro, the 9,999-yuan Magic V2 model came in second place in JD.com’s smartphone sales. Particularly, the foldable phone’s sleek appearance and respectable battery life have drawn a lot of interest.

When folded, the Magic V2 has a thickness of 9.9 millimeters, making it almost as thin as an iPhone. Honor says that the phone’s battery, which has a thickness of only 2.72 millimeters, can handle up to 14 hours of movie playback on its expanded big screen. The Magic V2’s pre-sales numbers have showed promise, showing future development in the foldables category, despite competition from big companies like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Vivo in the premium foldables market in China.

In the dimming global smartphone industry, foldables have become a shining light. The worldwide market for foldable smartphones grew by 64% year over year in the first quarter thanks in large part to a more than twofold rise in China’s foldable market from the previous year. This expansion contrasts with the worldwide smartphone market’s total 14.2% drop.

Honor, which was once a part of Huawei, has had success selling its Magic V2 via well-known e-commerce sites in China, notably Douyin (the regional TikTok), which has developed into a growing marketplace for livestream sales. On Douyin alone, the brand has sold over 10,000 Magic V2 devices.

The Magic V2’s popularity and potential development in the premium class, despite supply delays, indicate a positive prognosis for Honor’s foray into the foldables market.


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