Forex signals are trading recommendations that come from seasoned experts or automatic tools like AI software.

A forex signals group will advise its members on which currency pair to trade and how to place entry and exit orders with their individual brokers. In this article, we evaluate the top forex signal providers based on their historical performance, reputation, fees, win rate, and other factors.

Learn2Trade – Overall Best Signals Provider

We discovered that Learn2Trade is currently the top provider of forex signals. The platform has been working in this industry for more than ten years, and perhaps most significantly, it now boasts a community of over 70,000 users. This demonstrates the degree of confidence that Learn2Trade has gained over the last few years.

Forex Signals

Every single forex signal that Learn2Trade provides to its users includes the necessary data. All Learn2Trade forex signals also include a suggestion for a stop-loss and take-profit order.

Learn2Trade provides a number of price packages. This includes a £40 payment plan for individuals who prefer to make monthly payments. The monthly charge drops to £30 for those who pay £89 for three months. The best value plan costs £215 and includes 12 months of premium signals, which works out to just £18 per month.

Together with its enormous user base, Learn2Trade also has a reputable peer review website, TrustPilot, with a 4-star rating, with the majority of the evaluations giving the service 5 stars.

Price Action Ltd – Real-time Accurate Signals

The thing we appreciated the most about PriceAction Ltd, a well-known forex signal service with half a decade of addressing traders’ needs, was their authenticity and responsibility. In addition to offering forex signals to a variety of traders, they are also training trade enthusiasts and developing cutting-edge technologies to make trading easier in the long term.

PriceAction Ltd updates traders on the trading week by sharing a recap and providing annotations for the trades that were made. All of their currency services offer paid membership options, including monthly and lifetime purchase plans. Forex signals have a starting monthly subscription charge of $119 and a maximum lifetime offer of $499.

On their Telegram platform, which they utilize to distribute forex signals, PriceAction Ltd. has one of the largest trading communities. Traders can sign up for their free Telegram channel to view performance and evaluate the accuracy of their signals. PriceAction Ltd. also provides scalpers with indications for a variety of other instruments, including indices, commodities, and others, in addition to forex.

1000pip Builder – Accurate, Independently Verified Forex Signals

For many years, 1000pip Builder has been among the top providers of Forex signals, and it never fails to impress us with its precise Forex signals and top-notch member assistance.

The fact that MYFXBook has independently validated 1,000pip Builder’s remarkable performance is its most significant advantage. This indicates that you can trust the effectiveness of the Forex signals. In terms of overall performance and consistency, we have discovered that this signal source performs exceptionally well overall.

Bob James, a trader with extensive expertise, produces the Forex indications. You may be confident that the utmost care is taken when entering trades because all Forex signals are based on trades made on his personal trading account.

Signals can be received via SMS text message, email, or the Telegram app. Signals frequently and reliably arrive in our experience. The signals themselves are simple to understand and provide all the crucial information a trader needs, including the entry price, stop loss, and take profit levels. – Combine Forex Signals and Trading Knowledge

In this marketplace, has a solid reputation as a supplier. It is mostly intended for beginners with little to no prior experience who want to trade the forex markets. We appreciate that provides a wide range of educational resources for new traders who wish to advance their trading skills. offers a premium membership plan for the signals. There are several bundles available, including The platform claims to be running a 50% deal as of this writing, making its monthly plan’s price drop from €104 to €52. The monthly cost is reduced to €20 for those purchasing the 12-month plan, which costs €240.

For individuals who want to try out, there is a free seven-day trial available. In addition to daily live analysis sessions, weekly hot-pick choices, and live interactive workshops, all plans include access to the trading room. Also, there is access to professional trading tools and a real-time worldwide news team.


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