A 48-year-old lady was allegedly kidnapped, drugged, and murdered in Seoul, South Korea, in a horrifying event that appears to have been motivated by Bitcoin. The victim, who has not been named, was a former worker of a business involved in cryptocurrencies and was said to have acquired large sums of Bitcoin. The crime occurred in the affluent Seocho district, which is home to numerous well-known crypto businesses.

Three males were seen attacking the woman on the street at 11:46 p.m. on CCTV footage of the event. The woman was allegedly taken hostage by the defendants for two days in a car before being suffocated with the chemical ketamine. Later, the victim’s body was discovered close to Daecheong Dam in Daejeon city.

Four suspects, ranging in age from 24 to 36, have been detained in relation to the incident. While the fourth suspect is known to have been hired to “follow” the victim for several months, three of them are thought to be the attackers in the video. According to the police, the victim’s spouse is also being held on suspicion of cryptocurrency-related fraud.

The mastermind of the gang, according to the authorities, was a 35-year-old guy who invested close to $61,000 in the victim’s former business, where he had previously worked. According to police, he lured a 36-year-old accomplice into the crime by promising to forgive a debt due by a third suspect, 30, in exchange for his assistance. According to reports, the suspects utilized cash and disposable cell phones to evade capture.

Police have stated once more that the suspects’ goal in committing the crime was to steal the victim’s cryptocurrency holdings. They have also issued a warning that there might be other conspirators who are still at large.

This incident is not the first time that South Korean violent crime has been connected to cryptocurrencies. A CEO of a cryptocurrency company received a 25-year prison term in December 2022 for fatally stabbing and then throwing his girlfriend from a 19th-floor apartment building. A rise in drug trafficking fuelled by cryptography has also been a problem for South Korean police.


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