SB-7054, a new measure that Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida just authorized, forbids the usage of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in the state. Additionally, the law restricts the use of CBDCs issued by foreign governments and encourages other states to impose such limitations via their business laws.

Governor DeSantis voiced concern about the CBDCs’ possible effects on monitoring and control at a news conference. He expressed worry that CBDCs would be used to impose gas purchase restrictions as a response to global warming or to track private gun sales. The governor stressed the value of financial autonomy and the need that people go on business without the government being aware of every transaction in real time.

The Florida House of Representatives passed the measure with just one vote against it, significantly changing Florida law to remove CBDCs from the definition of money.

Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Prohibiting Use of Central Bank Digital Currencies in Florida – Bitcoin NewsThe Biden administration, according to Governor DeSantis, is looking into CBDCs with the goal of stifling and eradicating other digital assets like cryptocurrency.

At a time when debates regarding their growth are gathering steam globally, Florida has decided to outlaw CBDCs. A number of central banks are actively investigating CBDCs to modernize their economic systems and improve financial services for their people, notably the People’s Bank of China. Since 2014, China in particular has been in the forefront of CBDC development, running several pilot projects in various regions. The province of Jiangsu has revealed intentions to build a portal that would allow individuals to pay school tuition using the nation’s CBDC.

Although several nations are developing or testing CBDCs, worries regarding privacy and financial independence still exist. Critics contend that CBDCs might develop into effective instruments for governmental monitoring and regulation of financial activities, thus restricting people’s freedom to manage their finances as they see fit. Concerns concerning the possible surveillance of citizens’ transactions and the ensuing effects on their financial histories are raised by the traceability of CBDCs.

The decision by Governor DeSantis to outlaw CBDCs in Florida highlights the continuing discussion regarding the benefits and cons of these virtual currencies, with a particular emphasis on the possible effects on privacy and personal financial liberty.


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