Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, expressed his enthusiasm for India’s future in a recent video interview that was published on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official YouTube channel. He emphasized that India has more potential than any other major country in the world. Musk acknowledged supporting Modi and praising the Prime Minister for his dedication to upholding India’s interests and his support for new businesses as long as they are advantageous to the nation.

When Modi visited Tesla’s Fremont Factory in California in 2015 as the Indian Prime Minister, Musk and Modi had already met. As part of Modi’s first state visit to the United States, they recently met in New York. Modi had high-level meetings on a variety of subjects during his visit, including military, technology, and India’s position in the Indo-Pacific region. Modi will be hosted by President Joe Biden at a White House dinner, where he will have the opportunity to network with important corporate figures including Tim Cook from Apple, Sundar Pichai from Google, and Satya Nadella from Microsoft.

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Modi’s genuine passion for India and his quest for sizable investments there were recognized by Musk. Tesla want to invest in India, and they are right now figuring out when would be the best time to do it. According to analysts, Tesla has a lot of promise in India, where U.S. corporations with local operations have seen greater development and wealth creation. Tesla’s investments in India will largely promote the development of solar and wind energy as sources of sustainable energy. Musk emphasized India’s readiness for solar energy since it just requires a modest amount of land to produce enough electricity to power the whole nation.

Tesla has ambitions to invest in stationary battery packs and electric automobiles in India in addition to renewable energy. Musk stressed that India may represent a lucrative market for Tesla, implying that the company’s experience in China may be similar to that of other American automakers that were subjected to fierce competition from Chinese competitors. Musk also said that he was interested in increasing internet connection in India and that he planned to roll out SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service to provide inexpensive and dependable internet access, especially in isolated or rural locations.

Musk said that a trip to India may happen as early as next year after receiving an invitation from Modi. Modi met prominent people when he was in New York, including Grammy Award winner Falguni Shah, financier Ray Dalio, and American astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Elon Musk’s excitement for India’s potential and his appreciation of Prime Minister Modi highlight how important India is as a key market for Tesla’s cutting-edge technology and sustainable energy solutions.


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