CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph network protocol that operates on the BNB Chain and Ethereum. At CyberConnect, users can create profiles for themselves, post or share content (such as images, videos), and connect with other users within the system.

CyberConnect offers several features, including access to all dApps, self-sovereign personal information (social verified), multi-chain capabilities, decentralized governance, and user incentives during the early stages.

Although the project operates in the social networking space, it does not aim to launch applications like Facebook or Instagram. Instead, CyberConnect focuses on developing social graphs that support user access to multiple social media applications while maintaining control over their information, such as personal details, friend connections, and interests.CyberConnect

Key highlights

  1. ccProfile: A .cyber domain similar to Web3 Name Service that serves as a user’s profile in the form of an ERC-721 NFT. Users can create a web page with relevant information such as websites, Twitter, blogs, and teams.
  2. Content (EssenceNFT): After creating a profile, users can start creating any type of content, and organizers will reward or acknowledge the participation of creators. The content is represented as ERC-721 tokens (EssenceNFT) and can be stored on platforms like IPFS, Arweave, or others.
  3. SubscribeNFT: Users can pay a fee to register their profiles, and each successfully registered profile will be issued a SubscribeNFT.
  4. Link3: A Web3 social media platform built on the CyberConnect protocol. It simplifies introductions in the Web3 space, facilitates app sharing and verification processes, seamlessly connects verified messaging addresses, and enables voting delegation in DAOs. The Event Planner feature allows community engagement through discussions, voting, AMAs, hackathons, and provides benefits to participants.

Some typical use cases of CyberConnect

  1. Social graph database: Supports creating, updating, and querying user data through the Ceramic blockchain.
  2. Multi-account identity: Optimizes identity management (password management) and enables single sign-on experiences.
  3. NFT ownership: Collects and organizes data from websites like Twitter, Foundation, and Rarible, allowing users to manage diverse portfolios easily, including NFTs, videos, and more.
  4. CyberChat: Users can log in with a blockchain wallet, create profiles, and send messages.
  5. CyberConnect SDK: Provides tools for dApp integration, such as JS SDK and tracking functions.

CYBER Token has the following use cases

  • Tokens are used as Cyber Profile mint fees, gas fees in Cyber Wallet.
  • The token is also used by the protocol to administer the community of CyberConnect.

CYBER Token Allocation

The CYBER token allocation is divided as follows:

  • Ecosystem Development: 34%
  • Private Sale: 25.12%
  • Team: 15%
  • Community Rewards: 12%
  • Community Treasury: 10.88%
  • Coinlist Public Sale: 3%

The token release schedule involves lock-up periods for the team, advisors, and private sale participants, with gradual releases over a period of several years. The community treasury and rewards are also allocated over time to support ongoing events and community engagement.

Token Release Schedule 

  • Team & Advisors: Lock for 15 months, then pay quarterly for 3 years.
  • Private Sale: Lock for 12 months, then pay quarterly for 3 years.
  • Community Treasury: Pay 10% at TGE, then pay monthly for 5 years.
  • Community Rewards: Pay 20% for early users at TGE, the remaining 80% will be allocated to further events.
  • Coinlist Public Sale: Pay 25% at TGE, then pay monthly for 6 years from Q4 of 2023.

Ecosystem Development

  • Ecosystem Partners: Pay 20% at TGE, the remaining 80% will be paid monthly for the next 3 years.
  • Developer Community: Pay 5% at TGE, 95% will then be paid monthly for 4 years.
  • Early Integration Partners: Pay 10% at TGE, the remaining 90% will be paid monthly over 3 years.
  • Marketing: Pay 10% at TGE, the remaining 90% will be paid monthly for the next 3 years.



  • Launch of an SDK that allows projects to integrate Login with CyberConnect.
  • Increase the number of projects and the number of users in the ecosystem.
  • Launching Link3 Post.
  • Integration with XMTP, Notifi, PUSH, Livepeer and Lit Protocol


  • Launched CyberConnect v3 and extended more EVM chains.
  • CyberConnect Wallet beta launched.
  • Upgrade .cyber to omni-chain name.


  • Implement more features for Cyber Wallet.
  • Launch the CyberConnect Grant Program for devs.
  • Raise the number of dApps in the ecosystem to over 120 and the number of users to over 1.5 million.


CyberConnect was founded and built by 4 main members, who are also project Co-Founders: Ryan Li, Wilsonwei, Shiyu and Zhimao. All of them do not publicize their real names, only using their own names and NFT images to represent on their personal pages.

Investors & Partners

CyberConnect successfully raised capital in 2 rounds with a total amount of 25 million USD, led by investment funds such as Multicoin Capital, Sky9 Capital, Animoca Brands…

  • Seed Round 11/16/2021: 10 million USD
  • Series A Round May 17, 2022: $15 million


CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph network protocol operating on the BNB Chain and Ethereum. It aims to provide users with control over their personal information while accessing multiple social media applications. The platform offers features such as ccProfile, EssenceNFTs for content creation, SubscribeNFT for profile registration, and the Link3 social media platform. CyberConnect’s use cases include social graph database management, multi-account identity optimization, NFT portfolio organization, CyberChat for blockchain-based messaging, and SDK tools for dApp integration.


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