According to statistics from Coinglass, cryptocurrency traders were severely damaged as they suffered losses reaching a startling $1 billion as a result of liquidations over the course of the previous 24 hours. The market for digital assets experienced one of the most dramatic sell-offs during this turbulent time, which also saw a major decline in bitcoin’s price, which fell to a two-month low.

Cryptocurrency Traders Experience $1 Billion in Losses Amid Market Sell-OffThe price of Bitcoin, the most well-known and significant cryptocurrency, dropped sharply by 7% and eventually stabilized at about $26,900. It had plummeted dangerously near to $25,000 earlier in the day, which would have been its lowest valuation since June. According to statistics from CoinGlass, amid this market turbulence, traders who had held long positions and expected price increases liquidated them for an astounding $821 million. The biggest victims of these liquidation losses were traders of bitcoin (BTC), who suffered losses totaling $472 million. Next in line were traders of ether (ETH), who suffered losses totaling $302 million.

Interestingly, this wave of bitcoin liquidations is the largest to have been recorded in a single day since June 2022. At that time, bitcoin’s price experienced a huge decline, falling as low as $17,000, as seen by statistics from Coinalyze.

These sales occurred as the value of cryptocurrencies plunged precipitously on Thursday afternoon US time. The gradual downward trend of the month was unexpectedly changed into a chaotic market environment by this change. Broader financial worries, such as the depreciation of foreign currencies, concerns about the Chinese economy, and rising bond yields reaching multi-year highs, all contributed to the crypto market’s difficulties. The values of popular cryptocurrencies, such bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH), fell to their lowest levels since early summer as a result of nearly double-digit losses in both cases.

The closing of a leveraged trading position by an exchange due to a partial or full loss of the trader’s initial margin—also known as a liquidation—is an important distinction to be made. This frequently occurs when traders fall short of the requisite margin requirements or run out of money to keep the trade open. Rapid price declines in assets may lead to a chain reaction of liquidations, which would exacerbate losses and accelerate price declines overall.


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