In a startling turn of events, renowned crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, formerly known as BitBoy Crypto, found himself in handcuffs while live-streaming on YouTube. The incident unfolded as Armstrong had earlier teased his audience with plans to go live from an undisclosed location, with intentions to confront an individual named Carlos Diaz in pursuit of his Lamborghini. However, the situation swiftly escalated, leading to Armstrong’s arrest by law enforcement authorities.

Adding another layer of complexity to the story, illegal narcotics were reportedly discovered in Armstrong’s vehicle during the arrest.

This recent development follows a significant announcement made in August by the BitBoy Crypto platform, which severed its ties with its namesake founder, Ben Armstrong. The parent company, Hit Network, cited concerns related to substance abuse issues and the financial impact on its workforce as the primary motivations for this disassociation.

In a legal twist, Ben Armstrong is now pursuing legal action against Hit Network, alleging a conspiracy to wrest control of his company.

Notably, the individual Armstrong sought to confront during the ill-fated livestream, Carlos Diaz, is believed to have connections to Hit Network, the company responsible for managing the BitBoy Crypto platform.

Prior to his arrest, Armstrong had made accusations against Hit Network executives, claiming they had threatened his life and the safety of his wife. During the livestream, he passionately asserted, “This is someone who’s been in fear for his life for too long… I will really enjoy the cops coming here.” Despite the ongoing police questioning, Armstrong continued to broadcast, revealing that he did not possess a weapon on his person but admitted to having one in his truck.

The situation continues to develop, leaving the crypto community and the public at large eagerly awaiting further updates on this unexpected and dramatic turn of events involving one of the industry’s most prominent figures.


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