Over the past 24 hours, Doge2.0 has increased by more than 700%, and since it originally listed on Uniswap in a pairing with Wrapped Ethereum (WETH), the new meme currency has increased by as much as 5,000%.

DOGE2.0 is the most recent in a long line of meme currencies that have appeared this year and had ostensibly tremendous increases, with names like PEPE, SPONGE, and WOJAK routinely outperforming the market (and dropping further than the market).

Despite its early jump, it appears like DOGE2.0 may have peaked, as it is currently down 69% from its all-time high of $0.022 that was reached yesterday.

As a result, investors are already looking at other potential possibilities. For instance, Wall Street Memes (WSM), a brand-new meme token, is presently in the middle of a presale and has raised more than $11.1 million.

While Doge2.0 Shoots Up 5,000% Crypto Experts are Stacking This New Meme Coin as the Next Crypto to Explode – What Do They Know?

Prior to yesterday, DOGE2.0 was unnoticed for several weeks. Yesterday, however, it attracted attention after hitting a record high of about $0.0054 in the morning and enjoying even greater increases later in the day. But despite reaching an all-time high (ATH) of about $0.022, its upward momentum has slowed down in the last day. For the past few hours, the price of DOGE2.0 has been largely stable, sitting about $0.006608, as it struggles to draw in new investors. It may seem as though its momentum has already decreased, but it is still very early in its development.

However, Wall Street Memes (WSM), a different meme token, has attracted a lot of community support. The 2021 GameStop and AMC rallies were inspired by the meme stocks movement, which gave rise to WSM, which has now gained a thriving community and raised $11.1 million in its presale. In contrast to DOGE2.0, WSM has a robust internet presence and community, which may help to support its long-term price stability.

Over 255,000 real or potential WSM customers follow WSM’s official Twitter account. In comparison to other meme tokens, WSM has a stronger chance of maintaining past its first rises due to its association with the meme stocks movement and an active Twitter account since 2019. WSM’s current presale price of $0.0304 may increase dramatically as it draws closer to being listed on exchanges in the coming weeks.

Investors can attach their software wallets on the official Wall Street Memes website if they are interested in taking part in the token offering. You can buy WSM with USDT, ETH, or fiat money. The deal will end when WSM hits a price of $0.0337 and is presently on stage 18 out of 30. This indicates an increase of 10.86% over its current sale price, and due to the expansion of its community, WSM is probably going to see additional gains soon after the sale is completed.


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