During the Onchain Summer event on the new layer-2 network, Base, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong publicly admitted the inadequacies in the user experience (UX) of the Coinbase app. From August 9 through August 31, the event, which included product launches, promotional events, and NFT releases, brought to light important usability flaws with the Coinbase app.

On August 13, Armstrong expressed worries about the performance of the main Coinbase app while interacting with NFTs, Dapps, and Layer 2 solutions on Twitter. “One thing #OnchainSummer is exposing is how broken our UX is in the main Coinbase app for NFTs, Dapps, and L2s today,” he said in response to the UX difficulties. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Armstrong emphasized the need of openly admitting these problems and utilizing them as a catalyst for change. “If we confront the truth, we can become motivated to improve it,” he said. The #OnchainSummer campaign is a wonderful way to encourage all employees to experience this agony firsthand and find a solution.

While criticizing the UX of the Coinbase app, Armstrong also praised Coinbase Wallet for its progress in resolving these issues, albeit he admitted that much more needs to be done.

Armstrong stressed his commitment to resolving the problems by inviting customers to report their app and UX pain points in his article. In order to get input from people, he tweeted, “If you have a UX pain point or something not working, send us feedback in the replies to this tweet, and we’ll try to prioritize it.”

Guest Post by TheBitTimes: Coinbase CEO Reveals App Issues Amid  OnchainSummer Campaign | CoinMarketCapA developer at Friendtech suggested adding a rapid settlement credit card on-ramp to Coinbase in response to a user’s comment that struck a particular chord. This would do away with the necessity for a separate account. A recurrent problem that affects the interaction between Google Chrome and Coinbase’s mobile wallet was the subject of another request.

Armstrong confessed that the virus had survived longer than he had anticipated.

Regarding the next two weeks, Armstrong disclosed plans for prompt updates that would focus on the most important customer complaints. In the cryptocurrency sector, user experience has been a concern as many businesses struggled to improve usability.

Bybit, a major participant in the industry, has received praise for its superb UX design. The business has had outstanding success, winning many awards for its user experience at the renowned International Forum (iF) Design Award 2023.

Bybit won two UX tool awards, showcasing the superiority of Bybit Copy Trading, an in-app cryptocurrency trading tool that emphasizes transparency, and Crypto Strategy Creation, a tool that supports customized trading techniques in the complicated digital assets market.

Coinbase CEO Recognizes UX Problems, Vows ImprovementsThese honors, chosen by 88 independent design experts, highlight Bybit’s superiority in cryptocurrency exchange UX design and set it apart from many rivals.


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