In the dynamic realm of gaming, where digital landscapes unfold and battles are fought, a new player has emerged to redefine the esports experience. CHLL.GG, a pioneering casual esports protocol, is sweeping across the gaming community, introducing a novel competition format that promises excitement, camaraderie, and valuable rewards. This innovative platform has captivated the attention of both seasoned gamers and newcomers, offering AI-protected challenges that inject a fresh burst of energy into the gaming universe.

Unveiling CHLL.GG: The Ultimate Esports Playground

CHLL.GG stands at the forefront of a gaming revolution, ushering in an era of engaging and competitive gameplay. With its focus on both WEB3 and WEB2 games, CHLL.GG provides a unique space where players can put their skills to the test. Unlike traditional esports platforms, CHLL.GG distinguishes itself through its inventive challenges that breathe new life into gaming competitions. Picture this: challenges like “Best average distance of headshots” and “Best healing per minute on support” push players to explore unconventional strategies, pushing the boundaries of their abilities.


Airdropping Opportunities: Claim Your Share of CHLL Tokens

The allure of CHLL.GG doesn’t stop at exhilarating challenges. The platform is taking generosity to new heights by airdropping CHLL tokens to participants of Zealy quests. This thrilling opportunity allows gamers to reap the rewards of their dedication and prowess. To participate, one must embark on the Zealy quest page and immerse themselves in a world of quests and challenges that promise not only valuable XPs but also a chance at substantial earnings.

How to Get Started on Your CHLL.GG Journey

Getting started with CHLL.GG is a straightforward and exhilarating process. Follow these steps to embark on your esports adventure:

Step 1: Visit the CHLL.GG Zealy Quest Page

Begin your journey by visiting the dedicated Zealy quest page at This is where the excitement begins, and where you’ll find a plethora of quests waiting to be conquered.

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet

Once on the quest page, it’s time to establish a connection between your digital wallet and the platform. This step ensures a seamless and secure experience throughout your gaming endeavors.

Step 3: Conquer the Quests and Earn XPs

Dive headfirst into the realm of challenges and quests that CHLL.GG has meticulously crafted for you. As you complete these tasks, you’ll earn XPs that showcase your progress and dedication.

Step 4: Claim Your Rewards

Here’s where the thrill intensifies. The top 10 participants who emerge victorious from the challenges will be generously rewarded with up to $300 worth of CHLL tokens, accompanied by exclusive Keyboard NFTs that add a touch of prestige to your gaming collection.

Step 5: Rewards for All

Even if you don’t secure a spot within the top 10, don’t lose heart. Participants ranked from 11 to 200 will also be rewarded with a unique Keyboard NFT, ensuring that your dedication doesn’t go unnoticed.



Q1: What exactly is CHLL.GG? CHLL.GG is a groundbreaking casual esports protocol that offers unique AI-protected challenges and rewards for players of WEB3 and WEB2 games.

Q2: How can I participate in the Zealy quests? Participating in Zealy quests is simple. Just visit, connect your wallet, complete quests, and earn XPs.

Q3: What are CHLL tokens, and how can I earn them? CHLL tokens are the currency of CHLL.GG. You can earn them by participating in challenges, completing quests, and excelling in your gameplay.

Q4: What are Keyboard NFTs, and how do I get them? Keyboard NFTs are exclusive digital collectibles. The top participants in CHLL.GG challenges can earn Keyboard NFTs as rewards.

Q5: Is CHLL.GG suitable for both casual and competitive gamers? Absolutely! CHLL.GG caters to gamers of all levels, providing an enjoyable and competitive environment for both casual and seasoned players.

Conclusion: Embrace the Future of Casual Esports with CHLL.GG

CHLL.GG has arrived as a beacon of innovation and inclusivity within the esports landscape. Its ingenious challenges, promising rewards, and engaging gameplay are ushering in a new era of casual esports. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a casual gamer, CHLL.GG welcomes you to embark on an unforgettable journey where your skills are celebrated and your efforts are richly rewarded.


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