Cheelee is revolutionizing the world of short video platforms with its innovative GameFi mechanics that reward users for simply watching their favorite content. With a smart feed based on user preferences, Cheelee ensures every user’s engaging and personalized experience. In line with the Attention Economy framework, Cheelee recognizes the value of attention and allows users to convert their own attention into money through in-app NFTs and tokens. Additionally, Cheelee is hosting an exciting airdrop event, giving users the opportunity to earn a share of $5,000,000 worth of CHEEL tokens by completing simple tasks and inviting friends.


Step-by-Step Guide to Participate in the Cheelee Airdrop

To make the most of the Cheelee airdrop, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Cheelee Airdrop Page

Click here to visit the Cheelee airdrop page. This is where the magic begins!

Step 2: Download and Register on the Cheelee App

From the airdrop page, download the Cheelee app and complete the registration process. This will allow you to unlock the full potential of the platform.

Step 3: Join the Cheelee Telegram Group and Channel

Be a part of the Cheelee community by joining their Telegram group and Telegram channel. Stay updated with the latest news, announcements, and interact with fellow Cheelee enthusiasts.

Step 4: Follow Cheelee on Twitter

Connect with Cheelee on Twitter by following their official account: Cheelee Tweet. This will keep you in the loop about all the exciting developments and opportunities.

Step 5: Submit your BEP-20 Wallet Address

To ensure you receive your CHEEL tokens, submit your BEP-20 wallet address on the airdrop page. This will enable the secure distribution of your rewards.

Step 6: Tap ‘Follow’ and Follow Cheelee Within the App

Tap the ‘Follow’ button on the airdrop page and follow Cheelee within the app. This step ensures that you are eligible for the airdrop rewards.

Step 7: Copy the Referral Link and Activate the ‘SEND’ Button

Copy the referral link provided on the airdrop page and use it to activate the ‘SEND’ button. This link will play a crucial role in unlocking additional benefits.

Step 8: Click on “Send” to Sign up for the Airdrop

Click on the “Send” button to officially sign up for the airdrop. This is where you take the leap into the world of earning rewards with Cheelee.

Step 9: Earn Your Share of $5,000,000 Worth of CHEEL Tokens

By completing the necessary tasks and fulfilling the eligibility criteria, you open the doors to receiving between $10 to $100 worth of CHEEL tokens. A total of $5,000,000 worth of CHEEL will be distributed among all eligible participants, giving everyone a chance to earn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions about Cheelee and the airdrop, along with their answers:

Q1: What is Cheelee?

A1: Cheelee is a short video platform that incorporates GameFi mechanics to reward users for watching content and enjoying their favorite videos. It operates within the Attention Economy framework, emphasizing the value of attention.

Q2: How can I participate in the Cheelee airdrop?

A2: To participate, visit the Cheelee airdrop page, download and register on the Cheelee app, join their Telegram group and channel, follow them on Twitter, submit your BEP-20 wallet address, follow Cheelee within the app, copy the referral link, and click on “Send” to sign up.

Q3: What are the rewards for participating in the airdrop?

A3: By completing the airdrop tasks and inviting at least 3 friends, participants have the opportunity to receive between $10 to $100 worth of CHEEL tokens. A total of $5,000,000 worth of CHEEL will be distributed among eligible participants.

Q4: How do I receive my CHEEL tokens?

A4: To receive your CHEEL tokens, make sure to complete all the required tasks and ensure your eligibility. The tokens will be distributed to participants through the designated BEP-20 wallet address provided during the registration process.

Q5: Can I earn rewards on Cheelee besides the airdrop?

A5: Yes! Cheelee offers various opportunities for users to earn rewards through its GameFi mechanics, in-app NFTs, and tokens. By engaging with the platform and enjoying the content, users can convert their attention into money.

Q6: Is the Cheelee app available for both iOS and Android?

A6: Yes, the Cheelee app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Simply visit the respective app stores and search for “Cheelee” to download and install the app.


Cheelee brings a refreshing approach to short video platforms by integrating GameFi mechanics and rewarding users for their attention and engagement. By participating in the Cheelee airdrop, users have the chance to earn their share of $5,000,000 worth of CHEEL tokens by completing simple tasks and inviting friends. So, don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to watch, earn, and enjoy with Cheelee!


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