Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitget is using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance services and keep a lead over competitors. The managing director of Bitget, Gracy Chen, stated that the exchange has used AI technologies across several divisions to reduce procedures and improve efficiency during the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris.

Guest Post by CryptoPotato_News: Bitget Betting Big on AI With $10M Investment in Fetch.ai Ecosystem | CoinMarketCapThe translation team at Bitget is one area where AI has shown to be really helpful. The exchange can effectively manage translations for its multilingual services by using AI, guaranteeing smooth contact with users everywhere. Additionally, Bitget’s customer care team makes use of AI to respond to inquiries more quickly while giving consumers individualized information and trade statistics.

Bitget Collaborates With Space and Time To Enhance Cryptocurrency Transparency and Accountability
In order to help customers with their trading operations, Bitget is also developing an AI-powered chatbot that is modeled around OpenAI’s ChatGPT. With unique trade data and information catered to each user’s preferences, the chatbot attempts to respond to questions more quickly.

In addition to its AI implementations focused on the needs of the client, Bitget has also included AI-powered capabilities for its grid trading techniques. Users may automate transactions based on certain trading factors using AI algorithms, which reduces the complexity of grid trading and boosts overall effectiveness.

In order to increase operational effectiveness and user experience, Chen stressed that Bitget is investigating the application of AI across all of its divisions. The idea is to use AI’s capabilities throughout the platform, giving each team the chance to experiment with solutions that will help their particular fields.

Chen emphasized the potential of zero-knowledge proof (ZK-proof) technology to improve bitcoin exchanges in addition to AI. The usage of user money and data is prohibited thanks to ZK-proof technology, which guarantees privacy and data security. In order to protect user information, maintain data confidentiality, and restrict access to specific information inside internal systems, Bitget is now testing ZK-rollups.

The use of AI at Bitget coincides with an increase in conversations about the fusion of AI and the cryptocurrency industry. Notably, data ownership is quickly emerging as a key component of Web3 and AI. When using AI technologies, Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures underlined the necessity for customers to retain ownership over their own data. The developing nexus between AI and blockchain might provide new possibilities and spur more development in the sector.

Bitget brings AI power to Grid Trading strategiesBitget’s use of AI technology demonstrates its dedication to provide cryptocurrency aficionados a cutting-edge and pleasant platform. Bitget keeps paving the road for a safe and effective trading experience with continual research and trials in AI and ZK-proof technologies, strengthening its position in the constantly changing crypto scene.


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