Blockchain data study reveals a favorable near-term forecast for Bitcoin (BTC), as short-term cryptocurrency holders have been seen profitably shifting their currencies. The seven-day moving average of the short-term holder’s (STH) spend output profit ratio (SOPR) has just reached 1, according to Glassnode, a well-known blockchain analytics company.

In a weekly email, experts at Blockware Solutions noted that the STH-SOPR has already surpassed 1 following a short time in which coins were transferred at a loss. This scenario is seen as a positive indicator for the near-term price movement of the cryptocurrency and suggests that short-term investors have capitulated.

The temporary holder A SOPR of more than 1 suggests that the market’s typical short-term holder is selling their coins for a profit. While a value of 1 suggests that short-term holders are breaking even, a reading below 1 denotes surrender.

Long-Term Bitcoin Holders Are Taking Profits. It May Be a Bullish Signal. | Barron'sThe SOPR measures the degree of realized profit for all coins traded on-chain and is computed by dividing the realized dollar value of a spent output (UTXO) by its value at the moment of generation. The wallets that have kept their money for less 155 days are the target of the short-term holder SOPR.

The STH SOPR has generally stayed over 1 during positive market times. This makes sense given that rallies provide short-term holders, who include new players, aggressive traders, and weak hands, the opportunity to sell their holdings for prices higher than what they paid for them.

Quantifying Short-Term and Long-Term Holder Bitcoin SupplyAdditionally, during bull runs, the area around 1 often serves as a support level since investors see their cost basis as a beneficial purchasing opportunity in expectation of additional price gains. On the other hand, level 1 often serves as a resistance level during bearish trends.

The support level has already been challenged twice since the STH SOPR went above 1, signaling a bullish trend reversal, in January. According to statistics from CoinDesk, the price of Bitcoin has increased by almost 68% this year. According to statistics from CoinDesk, at the time of writing, the cryptocurrency was trading at roughly $27,900, having recently reached a high of $28,441 during overnight trade.

Furthermore, long-term Bitcoin investors started to benefit a month ago, indicating yet another large bullish spell for the cryptocurrency.

Investors and market players are expected to carefully observe these events as the blockchain data suggests positive activity among short-term Bitcoin holders, expecting possible price moves in the near future.


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