Binance Review 2023



The leading cryptocurrency trading platform in the world is known as Binance. It is not really user-friendly due to the wide range of trading options and services it provides. Depending on their level of expertise and education, investors may face a challenging learning curve with Binance.

Binance Review

Binance offers a diverse selection of trading options through its desktop or mobile dashboards, including an excellent variety of market charts and hundreds of cryptocurrencies. Also, users have access to several order types and a range of trading alternatives, such as futures and options. Just 150 of the cryptocurrencies are available to U.S. clients, and many options and services are not available there.

Trading experience

The Binance interface also allows traders to monitor the order book, price trends, and their portfolios and transaction histories. Moreover, Binance provides a wide range of order types, including trailing stop orders, stop-market orders, limit orders, stop-limit orders, and stop-limit orders. Also, you may select from a variety of trading perspectives, including traditional, margin, and OTC views. Even so, several of these services, such as margin trading and other order types, are not available in the United States.

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The fees charged by Binance are among the lowest in the market. Although U.S. customers on will pay a little bit extra, its fees are still cheaper than those on other top platforms. The maker/taker fee structure used by Binance has different rates depending on the number of trades and the balance of Binance Coin (BNB). Trades with bigger volumes often have cheaper costs.


Two-factor authentication (2FA) through the Google Authenticator app or SMS, address whitelisting, device management, and the option to limit device access are just a few of Binance’s security features. Moreover, the platform offers FDIC protection on all accounts in US dollars.

Although these measures can contribute in maintaining user accounts’ relative security, Binance’s image continues to be of concern. Their security offerings are generally about average for the field.

Customer service

With more than 2,000 Trustpilot evaluations, Binance has received merely 2 out of 5 stars on average. Poor customer service and problems withdrawing money are common complaints. Yet, despite the challenges some users confront, some response is favorable. Several users of Binance speak favorably of their largely trouble-free interactions on the system.


Despite being the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance’s services are restricted or banned in a vast number of countries, which raises suspicions. Also, its platform can be too complex for beginner bitcoin investors. Yet if you’re an expert global trader willing to investigate other tokens and trading possibilities, Binance could provide the functionality you need.


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