Best Cryptocurrency to Buy Now In 2023


One thing the current bear market guarantees is that you may purchase reliable crypto assets at a significant discount. Even large-cap tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum have since fallen more than 75% from their highs, making them more appealing as entry points.

This beginner’s guide aims to assist you decide which cryptocurrency to buy in 2023 and evaluate and review the best crypto to buy now for upside potential.

What Cryptocurrency Should You Invest in 2023?

Pre-sale assets, altcoins with a small market size, and major coins are all represented on our list of the best crypto to buy now:

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in Right Now (Pre-Sale Funding Accessed for Over $3 Million)

The most advantageous cryptocurrency to invest in in 2023 is Meta Masters Guild, which is supported by its own native coin, MEMAG. The project seeks to use web3 technologies, such as the blockchain and metaverse, to transform mobile gaming.

Best Cryptocurrency to Buy Now

It is important to note that the MEMAG project is now running its presale campaign before we go into its objectives. In fact, the MEMAG presale has already garnered more than $3 million from early investors as of this writing.

This demonstrates once more why MEMAG might be the finest cryptocurrency to buy in 2023. MEMAG is developing a gaming “guild,” or ecosystem, that will house third-party games provided by reputable blockchain developers.

This means that, in contrast to other blockchain projects in this specialized sector, MEMAG players will have a large variety of mobile games to enjoy through a single hub. Additionally, the play-and-earn system will be used in all games hosted by the MEMAG guild.

For those who are unaware, this entails that players who just play MEMAG games on their cellphones can receive real-world cryptocurrency incentives. GEMS, the in-game rewards token, is the currency in which earnings are accumulated and awarded.

GEMS have a variety of uses, including purchasing in-game items. NFTs are used to support any assets that are bought or earned through in-play gaming. This guarantees that all of the assets held by MEMAG players are theirs.

Additionally, MEMAG, the project’s main utility token, can be exchanged for GEMS. The Meta Masters Guild ecosystem is already in the midst of developing its first video games, even though MEMAG is still in pre-sale.

Three games—Raid NFTs, Meta Masters World, and Meta Kart Racers—have so far received approval. Players will be able to find the ideal balance between gaming delight and earning potential because each title is from a different genre.

The MEMAG fundraising campaign is already at stage five and is one of the most popular presales of the year. The cost of MEMAG tokens rises when each presale stage is sold out. This will continue to be the case up until the end of the MEMAG presale and the token’s listing on an exchange.

MEMAG tokens are available in stage five for $0.019 each. Stage six will see a price hike to $0.021. As a result, investors in stage five will already have an upside of more than 10%. ETH and USDT are accepted as payment methods for the MEMAG presale.

Fight Out: Get in Shape and Earn Crypto in a Metaverse Setting (Nearly $4 Million Raised in Pre-Sale Funding)

The two projects, Fight Out and MEMAG, have a lot in common while having quite different commercial approaches. For instance, both initiatives are raising large amounts of money from early investors given that they are brand-new cryptocurrencies.

There is still time to invest in Fight Out, even if its presale has already raised close to $4 million. Particularly because of its move-to-earn idea, Fight Out continues to be a favorite among long-term investors.

Users of Fight Out will be able to accrue incentives for their physical activity. This indicates that consumers are encouraged to exercise through real-time, recorded cryptocurrency rewards. This includes not only simple workouts like walking but also any kind of training possible.

Weightlifting, boxing, Zumba, HIIT, sprinting, and even yoga fall within this category. The Fight Out app will automatically produce the incentives after each workout, which are payable in REPS tokens.

The in-game cryptocurrency known as REPS adheres to the ERC-20 standard and allows players to earn prizes. REPS can be used for a variety of real-world purposes, including letting players buy goods and in-game NFTs to increase their earnings in the future.

Additionally, REPS can be exchanged for FGHT, the project’s main utility token. Users will need to stake FGHT tokens in order to access the Fight Out ecosystem, which includes a fully functional metaverse environment.

This implies that there is a strong likelihood that FGHT will continue to be in demand in the future. Additionally, unlike a conventional subscription model, people that stake FGHT in order to join the Fight Out ecosystem will also get passive income.

Collaborations with gyms and fitness facilities throughout the world are another goal on the Fight Out agenda. Users will be able to track workout regimens using Fight Out fitness equipment, and as a result, earn REPS in real-time.

The price of the FGHT tokens in the Fight Out presale is $0.01986 at the moment. As each stage sells out, this will rise. Following the presale, the exchange listing price of FGHT is confirmed to be $0.0333.

RobotEra – Create a Portfolio of Metaverse Real Estate Assets

RobotEra is another well-regarded cryptocurrency project that is just getting started; as a result, a presale campaign is presently running for its native TARO coin. We discovered that TARO is among the top cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023 after analyzing the RobotEra whitepaper and roadmap objectives.

This is because RobotEra is creating a private metaverse world that will let people create and own virtual properties. In that users must initially buy their preferred plot of land, this is fairly comparable to the Sandbox.

Users can engage in deep exploration of the RobotEra metaverse while interacting with the larger community to find the right plot. The user will then need to choose what to build after purchasing a plot.

RobotEra’s lack of restrictions is one of its main advantages in this regard. For instance, users can construct a casino on the land they purchased, allowing other RobotEra users to play virtual games there thereafter. The user will then produce in-game income.

In the end, anything is conceivable in this creative metaverse universe. Additionally, users can stake their TARO tokens for other income streams and buy more in-game items like customisable wearables for their robotic avatar.

Early investors who want to lock in the lowest price possible will be drawn to the RobotEra presale, which is presently in stage one. During stage one of the presale, TARO tokens are only $0.20 each. The cost will rise to $0.025 in stage two of the presale.

This represents a significant increase because stage one investors will receive a 25% upside. The RobotEra team has undergone KYC (Know Your Customer) verification through Coinsniper, and SharkTeam has examined the contract code.


The top 3 crypto to buy now in for 2023 have been identified by this in-depth market analysis. Numerous significant projects that are recent additions to the bitcoin market have been covered in detail.

One of the greatest cryptocurrencies to purchase at the moment is MEMAG, for instance, whose presale campaign has already raised over $3 million.

MEMAG is creating a guild of mobile games, all of which adhere to the play-and-earn model. Early investors will benefit from a sizable discount by acquiring MEMAG during the current presale round.


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